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  • Samsung SGH A77 Transition doesn't work

    I have the Samsung SGH A877 and the screen will not transition from the text mode to regular upright mode. How do I fix?

  • How print out text messages

  • Calling Automated Answering Systems

    When calling a business which has an automated answering system that asks you to press "1" for this, "2" for that, "3" for, etc., how do I do that? I tried selecting the appropriate number on the keyboard, but apparently the phone thinks I'm dialing a new phone number. There's probably a simple explanation but I can't figure it out.

  • Subject-Ringtone volume

    Subject-Increasing ringtone

    The ringtone starts out real softly when someone calls and then increases in volume but I have a hearing problem so by the time it gets loud enough to hear it, the voice mail has picked it up. Tried everything in my profile and changed ringtones with no success.

  • Phone turned off & wont turn back on

    my phone turned off and wont turn back on. I love this phone and i was using it and hung up and then the phone screen said goodbye. It never turned back on. I've never wet it and have dropped it a lot but nothing big. The phone worked great and with no notice it stopped. I put it on the charger and tried the battery from my Hubby's phone( we have the same phone); nothing. I'm sad :(
    Any help would be great
    P.s. the button to turn on the phone doesn't work and neither does cleaning all the contacts in the phone back.

  • How do I change the lock background on my phone?

  • Black screen??

    I plugged my phone in to charge a week ago, it was working fine. When I woke, the screen is black and I can barely get it to work. It turns shades of green and purple and the slide out keyboard won't work. This is my 2nd Impression, I broke the screen in my 1st and bought a new one on ebay. Is there anything I can do? Thanks.

  • Font Color

    How do I change the font color on my music player. When I listen to a ringtone the font color is pink. How do I change it to a different one?

  • Camera

    How is the camera quality on this phone? Also, is it easy to take a pic and then forward it through email (or does it take many steps to do this)?

  • see below about photos

    when checking time on my samsung impression i just push any button to get a shaded and locked screen but it rotates all preloaded photos as a type of wallpaper. I dont like looking at flowers. Is there anyway to unlock and delete preloaded photos that are unlockable?

  • Anyway to unlock preloaded photos and delete. When screen is loc

    Anyway to unlock preloaded photos and delete. When screen is locked and you check time by pressing any button, the screen rotates all preloaded photos as a " wallpaper" and i dont like looking at flowers everytime i check time. Any suggestions

  • Samsung A877 Impression - will in work in The Netherlands?

    Hi - any idea if this cell phone will work in europe?

  • Samsung Impression unlocks on its own

    My phone slides open when in my purse & unlocks. then it will call the last person I called. sometimes several times in just a few minutes. Any help?

  • Do u have to pay for windows live, if so how much?

  • how to stream video

    how do i stream video from my a877 to another a877

  • Java supported games

    Dumb question, but when I open a Java supported game on my phone, do I pay internet fees every time I play?

  • Can't get Samsung Impression to connect to computer

    I have downloaded the Samsung PC Studio but when I search for my phone (connected by a USB cable) the only thing that shows up is my printer. I cannot get the program to recognize my phone in order to be able to download or upload from or to my phone. Any ideas?

  • How about the call quality?

    I hate a phone that sounds muffled all the time. I just got a LG Neon and am extremely unhappy with it. You cannot understand the other person on the other line. I was very disappointed until i went to a dealer today and they were telling me about the impression.

  • Samsung SGH-A877 (Impression) problems with games

    I am having problems using games on my Samsung that I find on the internet. Once I download them and get them on to the phone, I try to play them and it responds with an "unsupported file type" error message.