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  • can you slide it closed to end a call?

  • Hellppp

    ok when i slide up my phone the screan goes white and i have to wait till it goes black and while its on lock and slide down press a button and then slide up i dont no whatsw rong and i can get my battery out annny advixce?????

  • my ringer and txt message sounds are low, what could it be?

    I just got this phone and I love it. i had the older model as well. the only problem i have with this phone is that the ringtones and txt message tone is very low when i get a call or txt. the volume is set all the way to 7. when i go into the settings it plays it loud but like i said when i get a call or txt it is very much lower. can u help me plz!

  • every time i get a game bluetoothed to my phone it says...

    unsopoerted file type