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  • how do i upload music to my samsung reclaim?

  • How do make the phone alert you, when you receive an email?

  • Camera sound

    How do you turn off the camera sound?

  • samsung reclaim video doesn't work on pc

    I tried and tried to upload videos from my samsung reclaim it does not work. finally I gt it onto my desktop it looks like a blank page/document. my video doesn't work in windows media player ugh why does the phone video gotta work so sloppy??? just like the LG lotus. These manufactures fix everything else and leave out the videos...anyone got to upload their videos from the samsung reclaim and it worked well with audio and everything?

  • why doesn't my video from my samsung reclaim work on my pc

    How can I upload music from my samsung reclaim to my hard drive... Its not working, its not playing in windows media player it just looks like a plain white document and thats all... I wish the would make these phones with the videos easier to upload and play right away..this is frustrating..