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  • test freak in other countries

  • please help me if these are clones or not???

    i bought 2 samsung hd's off of ebay and and they don't have gps. i bought 1 off of gsmallover.com and it does have gps?? where did I go wrong here?

  • Google TALK app for i8910

    Hi all:

    I've had my i8910 since August. Got it from a private seller on eBay, who sold it as an unwanted upgrade and I paid £310 - not a bad price. However, it was locked to Orange and I unbranded, then unlocked it, so I could use it with my existing Vodafone SIM. Overall, I'm VERY happy with it. It's my second phone since moving to the UK in 2006. My first (which I still have) was a Nokia 6280). Yes, the sound quality on Nokia IS better, even with the official firmware update from Samsung.

    Here is my current question.
    Can anyone point me to an application which DEFINITELY allows me to install Google Talk on the Omnia i8910 HD?



  • Updating the Symbian operating system for Omnia HD

    I am very intersted in the Samsung Omnia HD, but am concerned at hearing that updates for the Symbian operating system might be difficult to come by, whereas for a Nokia device they would be readily available. IS this a real / current issue?