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  • How I can record call conversation by using Samsung Galaxy ACE?

  • how to install or download java plug-in into this mobile?

    how to install java plug-in into this phone?

  • Galaxy Ace phone battery life shorter than tech spec.

    On standby without using any application, 4hrs later battery icon left half. Each full charge only can last for 11~12 hrs. What could be the problem?

  • Does this phone run without sufficient RAM and ROM ?

    The specification dint include the RAM and ROM built in the phone, only internal memory 158MB, will this effect the operating speed?

  • Samsung Galaxy ace S5830 message alert tone problem

    samsung galaxy ace s5830 is such a no doubt a top class cellphone in the market with it's great features for a very affordable price compare to iphone.the only problem i experienced in this phone is i cannot find the way to change the message alert tone to an mp3 music alert tone which most of the samsung phones has this feature and very easy to find and change.the phone has selected message or notifications alert tone but it's so boring and not good.please somebody help or maybe samsung mobile company can answer my problem amd i'm sure theres lot's of you out there which has the same problem...speak out guy's!!!

  • audio problems with Samsung Ace S5830

    when i make a call, the sound deteriorates after a few minutes. I hear s "zapping" sound which lasts for about 2 secs. This goes on a couple of times. I also experience drop calls. Any ideas what could be the problem?

  • Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 Can Open Youtube???

    i heard that it Not support Adobe Flash in the web browser… is it true???? if yes that means no youtube open…..