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  • phone went dead.

    I have had my phone 9 months or so and have never had any problem until today.I was having a conversation and it just went dead' this happend 8-9 times talking to the same person, or trying to. Later on that day I was talking and the same thing happend except I could still hear them but they couldn't hear me.I had almost a full charge.Can you please help. Thank you.

  • Setting Not Allowed!

    I have an mp3 song on my SD card that when I select it for a message alert or ringtone I get the warning message "Setting not allowed" Help!!!!!

  • How to add signatures

    how do you add a signature to your text messages...and how do you change your text message ringtone?

  • conversation in order

    Why isn't the "conversation" thread in order from latest sent/receive to oldest? is this like this for anyone else?

  • is anyone else having problems with their conversation txt messa

    is anyone else having problems with the conversation part not being in order of how you sent and receive the messages?

  • is this a good phone to have