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  • e51 support for hardware

    i have to select a mobile phone for developing an application, the application collects data from external hardware connected to mobile phone via USB port(data cable) or bluetooth interfaces and manipulate the data.
    can i connect e51 to some external hardware?
    does e51 supports hardware?
    kindly if anyone can reply to me on safiullah.khan at hotmail dot com
    bcz i am new to the site and don't know whether i'll b notified or not through email

  • Nokia E51 will work in USA if it was purchase in INDIA

  • Board details of Nokia E51

    What is the processor board type for Nokia E51?
    Is it OMAP based? What is the name of board?

  • can you use an unlocked nokia e51 on verizon?

  • i am using the N70 ME as a modem for surfing the net. i am t...

    i am using the N70 ME as a modem for surfing the net. i am thinking of buying this phone hoping it will improve on speed. the N70 offers 460 kb, what are the speeds for the E51 when used as a Modem?

    when used as a modem, what are the connection speed s for the E51