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  • Nokia -7230 mobile: SERIOUS LAPSES -No Template, Save Item folde

    I have very bitter experiences with Nokia 7230, whose primitive software shatters all my expectations.:

    • Unexpectedly, TEMPLATES & SAVED ITEMS folders are not offered in a phone costing nearly Rs 6,000 !! I cannot save any item or save any template, which I can even in a basic phone like Nokia 2626 !! This affects me too much as I need SMS a lot and lack of this feature makes my phone somewhat useless.
    • In "Internet" folder , there is no "Go to Address" or "Settings" options !!
    • I Cannot change the "Home Page" address from the default one !!

    Strange enough, Nokia does not reply to emails and complaints through website gets mechanical, unfriendly response that "the desired features mentioned in your e-mail communication is not supported by the phone"On 16 April I went to Nokia Care at 10, Lenin Sarani ,Calcutta (150+ KM from my town) ,they tried to solve my complaints but it is confirmed that Nokia 7230 offers NO TEMPLATE at all, and alternative process of adding & storing is VERY complicated & time consuming !! Really a very serious lapse. Three Software updates prove futile - the Template, Internet Settings, Call Details log are really customer unfriendly and I strongly urge Nokia to withdraw such a Primitive mobile set from market.
    Prasenjit Bhakat

  • is it provide vedio calling

  • ia the cam and th emusic player really not so gud.??

  • Does whatsapp work with nokia 7230??

  • My Nokia 7230 is not displaying incoming numbers ? Pls help urge

  • Please give me ur suggestions

    I wanna buy nokia7230 asap.But I need some advices bef0re buying it.Although it has 3.20mp camera,how's the picture clarity and is there flash lite for camera ?and of course how's the phone's overall performances of this handset?and lastly,what is the actual price(including vat)of it as i don't wanna be cheated in shop?Please give me ur sugggestions ASAP!!

  • help me with this please

    i bought this phone and sometimes ( frequently ) when i tried to capture pictures, it will always be an error and stated 'operation fail'... whats this?? it makes me hard to capture pict

  • Nokia 7230

    I'm trying to change/remove wallpaper setting on my nokia 7230 but can't any ideas what I'm doing wrong
    Thanks in advance

  • hey does nokia 7230 have a USB...

    does 7230 hav a Usb to tranfer music and photos between 7230 and my PC

  • how to make unsave option for messages on nokia 7230?

  • Playing MP4s

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me why my Nokia 7230 doesn't seem to play MP4s. I put an mp4 onto it, but when playing it, it plays the sound but the picture is black. Am I doing something wrong? I hope I havent deleted any data to do with playback. Would be grateful for any info on playing MP4s.

  • does it hav an fm radio??