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  • Nokia 6350

    I have been informed by ATT that I have to change my phone and plan because they are going from 2G to 3G. They offered me the Nokia 6350 and I am not finding any decent reviews for this product.

  • Check Nokia 6350 Unlocked Phone

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  • how can i make it ring more times before it goes to voicemail..i

  • Main display

    The time and date display is to small on the 6350 even with the font set to large. Any suggestions on how to make it larger and or bolder?

  • Ringer

    Doesn't the phone have any built in rings. I see lots of tones but I like my phone to ring.

  • Why won't the camera work?

    When I try to use the camera on my Nokia 6350 a message pops up saying "Not Allowed." I have used the camera before and never had any other problems with the phone, and I have 50 MB of memory unused!!! Please help, thanks guys!

  • I have no display, it is in black, what is happining?

  • how do I download my music to the 6350

  • download graphics

    will not download a ton of graphics so that I can apply them to contacts when they call me. Why? I downloaded and paid for a horse graphic, only to find out after I paid for it that I couldn't apply it to a contact, only as wallpaper. Does not do what my Motorola Razr did. Same goes for a number of ringtones I would like to apply to this phone. Pls advise.