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  • Not enough cache memory!

    I wasn’t expecting an i-phone when I bought the Nokia 6303, but I am disappointed with the internet capabilities.
    I need to view live flight arrivals at London Heathrow Airport, and would also like to view ‘YouTube’.
    It can barely download the flight arrivals page, i have to first enter the exact web address to get it, and take takes several minutes to download.
    And viewing anything on the YouTube website is impossible. What is even more ridiculous is the fact the a bookmark icon is preinstalled onto the phone, but you still can’t view anything.
    It just stops working.
    I have increased the memory from 1Gb to max 4Gb but makes no difference.
    I tried contacting Nokia’s premium rate helpline who after over an hour simply said that the webpage was too big for the phones capabilities, or that my airtime provider (T-mobile) was not delivering a fast enough broadband transmission to deliver it.
    Offered no solution as how to increase the use of the extra 4Gb memory card installed.
    My question is:
    Why doesn't the extra 4Gb memory card make use of the cache when using the internet?
    Or can i delete any of the preinstalled software that i do not use (for example: games) to make extra room for the cache?

  • ringtone volume is low,what to do?

  • Mobile Screen Saver

    I have just started using this nokia 6303.. but my screen saver is not coming.. I have set the time out as 10 secs.. and selected a Dark Clock as screen saver.. but it's not coming.. what to do ? :((((((((

    otherwise the cell's GREATTTTT :)