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Question: Flashing Screen, & Battery Power

The Motorola Flipside is a great phone, but in the past few weeks I have been having some problems with it. Every now and then, it has the tendency to freeze up, or go nuts. Random screens will start popping up all at once and I seem to have no control unless I turn it off. Or the horrible battery power! It seems to go dead everyday without me even messing with it! For example: One night the phone was fully charged, and I left it on my night-stand, and the next morning the phone was dead! It blew my mind, and made me furious at the same time! It has done this more than once and it makes me wonder if I have a bad battery or if I might charge it for too long. If you can, leave a comment and tell me if your Motorola Flipside has ever done this before. I would like to know, just incase I need to take it into ATT and have them look at it. Other than that, the phone is great!