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Question: Is this the phone to buy?

I am a relatively young teenager who lost her iPhone 3G (not totally disappointed with that), and I would like a new phone soon as I feel unsafe without one. I go through cycles of texting a lot and not texting, and I REALLY love having my 3 email adddresses in one place so I could delete those annoying Facebook emails right when I got them. I have a Windows computer, and Macs confuse me, so I thought to look to Windows phones. I am an aspiring writer and use word constantly. I have an iPod for my personal music, but I like to be able to look up songs. I use apps on occasion, but not too often. I am a klutz and drop things a lot. I've looked into some of the WP7 quirks, and I have researched a lot on this phone. Is it worth buying if it is mainly for personal use? I have to pay for it myself, and as I am merely a teenager, I don't have ample money to spend. Is this worth getting?