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  • Is this the phone to buy?

    I am a relatively young teenager who lost her iPhone 3G (not totally disappointed with that), and I would like a new phone soon as I feel unsafe without one. I go through cycles of texting a lot and not texting, and I REALLY love having my 3 email adddresses in one place so I could delete those annoying Facebook emails right when I got them. I have a Windows computer, and Macs confuse me, so I thought to look to Windows phones. I am an aspiring writer and use word constantly. I have an iPod for my personal music, but I like to be able to look up songs. I use apps on occasion, but not too often. I am a klutz and drop things a lot. I've looked into some of the WP7 quirks, and I have researched a lot on this phone. Is it worth buying if it is mainly for personal use? I have to pay for it myself, and as I am merely a teenager, I don't have ample money to spend. Is this worth getting?

  • why do the phone keep shutting off

    How Do you stop the music from playing instead of just pausing? And Why Do it keep shutting off and going dead even when the phone has a full charge