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  • Can you have ringtones that talk/non-instrmental ringtones?

    w/ this phone, can you have ringtones which talk... im not really sure of the word im looking for but like, w/ this phone can you assign ringtones that aren't just the instrumental?

  • Top-up? orange network

    The LG ks360 is my verry first ever phone...it's amazing,but...idont know how to topup, help? please?

  • How to download themes and games to this phone (LG KS360)?

    please help!!! badly need your help! thanks..

  • My Opinion On The LG KS360 Webslider.

    I am most likely getting this phone incredibly soon, i cannot wait! I have been sifting through comment after comment, review after review. And all though there are just as many bad comments on it as there are good. I am still going to buy it. As the good comments are very encouraging (:
    I just want to say to everyone, that from my research it is a great phone. And if like everyone says it does spontaniously break or what not, thats what a WARRANT is for! Happy buying :)

  • Is this connected to the 3G network?

    This is the best phone that i could find that was within my price range and has a qwerty keyboard. I want internet where ever i go, so will this have 3G on it?

  • how many messages can it hold?

  • Connectivity Problem

    I am trying to use the internet to check my emails but the phone says check connectivity, what is the problem?