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  • why does it call all by itself?????

    I have a lot of problem with my touch phone calling numbers that I did not call. I will have it in my pocket and it will be calling. Without knowing people are listening to me walk around hearing what I am saying without my knowledge. I have even turned it off and it will come on and start calling all by it self It is a very confusing phone.

  • Text message alert

    My friend set my enV touch to announce "message from..( the name of the person sending the text). I hate it and he won't tell me how to change it. Can anyone help???

  • Your thoughts...

    I am asking for your opinion on the following phones. I am at my NE2 and can't WAIT to get rid of the POS LG VX835 I have been suffering with. I am not a heavy phone user but that doesn't mean I want to sacrifice when I don't need to. The phones I was thinking about are" HTC Touch Pro2 and enV Touch. I was looking at the Omnia and I cannot stand the texting! I don't mind the soft keys but when they are SO close together, you couldn't tell what I was typing! So, Opinions and suggestions please! Thanks!!

  • Problems with enV Touch Phone

    Hi I purchased the enV Touch about 3 weeks ago and really liked it. 2 days ago the phone rang and when I answered it, nothing. The caller called right back, I answered it, nothing. Same experience 2 more times, finally I called the caller back and was able to connect. The same thing happened later in the day. That evening I received emails from 2 friends wondering what was up with my phone. The callers said that the phone would ring 1 time and go straight to voice mail OR it would go dead. I can see the caller ID messages and the calls are showing up in the call log. Also, when I was on the phone and had an incoming call, the caller ID did not activate and the call went right to voice mail. After speaking to a Verizon tech person, I took the phone back to the store and they gave me another phone. The second phone is doing the same thing. Verizon tech has no answers..... I have searched reviews of this phone and didn't come across any other complaints. Any ideas? Christy