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Question: LG BL40 VS OMNIA 2

Hi, would like to ask advise and your honest opinion about the two Mobile models i am interested to invest soon...
1. which one of the two models has bigger fonts in text messaging? you see i am far-sighted and sometimes hates to wear my reading glasses whenever there is a sms arrives. can their text size be adjusted or better zoom the entire message?

2. is it true that the bl40 cannot play youtube over a WIFI connection due to absence of Flashplayer?

3. who's screen is better the omnia or Chocolate? more responsive, Omnia's resistive or LG's capacitive?

4. is it true that there are no applications for BL40? and more apps for Omnia?

5. does both of the unit has security lock for messages, medias, etc. so it cannot be access by anyone else?

6. can i view and edit document, excel, powerpoint?

7. since i love listening music, which one have better audio and player design?

8. does BL40 have more 3D animations interface over the Omnia?

thank you very much in anticipation of your prompt reply...