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  • Facebook App

    I love this phone, but for some reason on the Facebook app i can't get any of my notifications to show up. Any ideas?

  • which one Acclaim or HTC Touch Pro 2

    Why should I get an HTC Pro 2 over a Samsung Acclaim since Android is supposedly going to be "it"
    I'm playing around with the Acclaim and have 30 days to switch; but I'm really attracted to the HTC Touch Pro 2

  • I have 2 problems with my touch pro 2:

    When I turn the phone off on the top left and keep in my pocket it turns back on and makes a call to the last number. Is there another keypad lock I can use?
    Secondly the touchscreen is too sensitive so when I scroll it opens the application all the time when I touch the screen. Can i lower the sensitivity?

  • How do you set up ringtone for incoming text messages, voicemail

  • My back light just quit working. After 6 months.

  • any problems with extended battery getting hot

  • facebook and myspace

    I was wondering if the HTC Touch Pro 2 came with Facebook, Myspace, yahoo, msn and aol chat. I have a blackberry and was seeing if HTC had the same to offer. Thanks Brian.

  • response to jacobsens review, which is wrong

    In reply to jacobsen of j and r electronics. your full of crap. i too own this phone and love it but your just lying about some of the features. the maximun download spped you can get on 3g networks with this phone 7.2mbs up. now 15mbs as you claim, i am willing to bet you only get 1.5 in boston. also, skyfire is the best mobile browser around, and does support microsoft silverlight, but it will not instant play on netflix due to local storage limitations within the coding. they are hoping to fix this with the next release. you really need to learn to spell...........give us all a break and give correct info so people are not misinformed.......

  • comparison

    how does the htc touch pro 2 compare to the G1 or the mytouch? better or worse?

  • Htc Touch Pro2 Contact Index does not coincide Contact Page

    HTC touch pro2. the scroll bar on the side does not reflect the correct contact page .
    when you slides your finger the indicate Letter does not display the correct contact pages.
    do other user also have this problems,
    by the way i got 2000plus contact numbers,


  • storage card maximum size limit

    what is the maximum size of the micro sd storage card limit.can it support up to 8Gb?