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  • How do I correct echoing when I am using the phone?

    People I'm talking to on my Hero hear their voice echoing the whole time they're talking. What's the problem.

  • Hero not working

    have one of these for two months. Was working then I went on holiday leaving it at home (didnt want any roaming charges). Came on phone switched on etc made all noises but couldnt view screen. Sent phone back and have now been told water damaged. Phone has never been near water not even used in the rain. Anyone had similar problems or have any ideas battery leak perhpas.

  • HTC HERO memory

    I have a bb curve, memory is terrible and can't save apps on an sd card. Was wondering how many apps you can have on the htc, and if it is capable to store apps on the sd card.

  • Which company owns the brand HTC Hero