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Question: ok, love my desire hd, really good phone cant complain - however

ok, love my desire hd, really good phone cant complain - however!! it has recently wiped all my messages from the handset! my massages werent loading, then it had to force close! so when i opened it up again, all my messages were gone! luckily i had done a system save a few weeks before, but still lost allot of valuable texts! but thats not my biggest concern! since this happened, my phone keeps rejecting my sim, telling me it cant find it, or not letting me know, and i have no signal - i then have to take out the bettery and sim, leave it for a minute, put it all back together. sometimes it wors straight away, some times i have to reboot a few times! thinking it was the sim, i bought a replacement, but tis still happening!! tmob dont know why this is happeneing and can only sujjest i send it away, for them to wipe and reload the software! is this the case, as its my last resort, and rely on it for me business etc, or is this a fault thats happening to others and therefore the phone needs to be called back. as i understand it, this was a common fault with the origonal desire!
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Erin Petersen