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  • What if the phone just shuts off and doesn't turn back on?

    I'm having this problem (now the 3rd replacement) and cannot even access my contacts because computer hook up never worked either. What a terrible phone. ugh.

  • how to un lock the screen

    my screen is locked

  • How to enter in Internet?

    Hi every body. I have a Blackberry Storm 9500 3G phone. I live in Republic of Georgia (Caucasus). I unlocked my blackberry phone, I have bought a code trought internet and I torned on my mobile in local mobile GSM service. I can call and send sms and receive them, but I can not enter in Internet, open Browser and make video calls. Please tell me how I can turn on these 3G services in my phone? Especially I am interested in Internet and Video calling. When I try to turn on internet it writes me to contact my service provider. At the Provider center, they said me that they can not turn on 3G functions only in one phone and if there will be more phones like mine, than they turn on 3G Services in my phone. Please tell me if it is right answer? why I can not use my phone in my country, if I can use it in onather country? What is the problem? In my phone or in Service provider? How can I solve it? My e-mail is: georgeza1978@yahoo.com thank you very much in advance for your answer, With best regards, George Zardiashvili

  • is the ringtone louder than past blackberry phones

  • blackberry storm

    does it have wifi connectivity.