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  • best apps for iphone?

    i just got a new iphone from gsmallover.com. great site, great service, love my new mobile phone, and there is so much to do on it. i'm not used to a phone this high tech. i am a single mom, always on the go with my 2 kids. i love to learn, play games, and organize. any suggestions for some good apps to download??

  • Poor quality headphones??

    Hi, My daughter has just bought an Apple iPhone and it is fantastic with one exception. When she is off speaker phone and using her headset I can not hear her very well at all. I am not picking up any noise in the background but her voice is very quite. Like someone has pressed the volume right down.

    Do you know what is happening?

    Kind regards,
    Diane McCarthy

  • Blue Tooth Printer

    What happened to blue tooth printing on the road, my cheap phone work on the road with a printer laying in the back of the car? I can NOT get it to work on the iphone

  • how maximize the volume of the phone



  • Rumors?

    I heard on the news last night that the iPhone 3G S overheats and causes problems is this true? I am an apple freak so I am wondering. Cause I have not heard anyone complain about it.

  • Do you need the Data plan in order to use the phone? I've

    Do you need the Data plan in order to use the phone? I've heard yes and no, can you help?

  • Is there a way to get ringtones without paying for them?

    I was wondering if there was anyway to get ringtones without paying for them?... is there a way to use songs from my iTunes as a ringtone?

  • I'm Thinking about Buying an Iphone but..........

    It seems like there are minor problems that i will not feel like dealing with. Do you think i should buy a similar or different type of phone . and if so which one should i buy. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!