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  • Which is best CD player for CDs and MP3s?

  • which basic cd player is the most reliable and has good sound?

  • Compact unit to play all types of CDs, plus fm radio & cassette

    Looking for compact unit for my dear ol' Mom to play new & recorded CDs, cassettes (if possible) & FM (if possible). Haven't had luck finding something under $125 that has decent sound and at least base & treble adjustments. Recommendations? Would like to spend less than $200. Thanks.

  • Looking for good quality sound to play all types of CDs, plus fm

  • Audible selective 'rewind' function

    What is the optional system which can drag through a track in reverse[audibly] like tape I need a relatively inexpensive deck with this specific function[what is the term for it also]

  • Need advice about a CD-Player for a martial arts dojo.

    I work in a martial arts dojo and we want to buy a new CD-Player. I bought a Pioneer PD-F407 in the mistaken belief that it had everything I needed. But it lacks two important features.

    1) It does not have an input for an MP3 player (or any inputs for that matter.
    2) It's not compatible with the existing speaker mounted in the dojo, which are 3 ohm speakers that came with the HTIB we are currently using.

    I know nothing about audio systems. I've been asking around and what I have been told is that I need some sort of receiver that I can connect the CD-Player to and also connect an MP3 player to, and then connect the receiver to the speakers.

    But finding a receiver is nearly impossible, since most of the web sites around don't seem to list specs for inputs/outputs - at least not in any way I am able to understand.

    And I know nothing about speakers at all. We currently have 4 of them mounted in each corner of the dojo. They are fairly small. And then ther's one large speaker right under the current system and a smaller horizontal one. I think I'd probably like to stick with the 4 mounted speakers in each corner if I could, but I would need something relative small and I can't seem to find anything like that, either.

    I'm really at my wits end and I have been searching the web for weeks, now.

    Anyone got any advice for me?

  • I am looking for a CD player I can turn all my cd's & playback

    I am looking for a cd player where I can burn all my cd's into it an play back.
    Is there anything out there that will do that? What is the name of this system function? Signed CD Player Illiterate

  • Best amp for Sony SCD-XE597, would SonyTA-FE370 suffice?

  • I'm looking for a CD recorder than can record radio broadcasts

  • I am looking for a cd player that can play indexs within a track

  • Best cd player under $500

    What is the best (sounding) cd player for under $500?

    I don't care about any "extras," just looking for premium sound.