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  • what type of box can this woofer be placed in?

    My brother purchased this woofer, and it didnt come with any information regarding the demensions for what box type the speaker is made for. I would like to know, because I have put it in three types on boxes,(ported, sealed, and bandbass) and it still sounds crapy. The under spider and coil seem to scrape the inside wall of the magnet and distort the overall sound quality. You can hear the voice coil rubbing and over flexing, because the front surround will only let it move forward so far, I guess it would be the front excursion, is not supporting the under spider, and because it has more leway, than what under spider can flex to, because of this uncompatibility, the under spider starts to let the coil move around to much, and you can hear the coil scraping the sides of the magnet, which then adds to distortion, and audiable over kill to the front surround. If I was to be given the specs for the volume, or space this woofer can properly resonate at including frequency (hertz), it would much appreciated....

    thank you, Daniel Williamson