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  • Sony CDX-GT540UI USB playback issue

    I have a Sony CDX-GT540UI and for some reason when i try to play the songs that are on my USB device the stereo will only play the even numbered songs on my device, Im just woundering how i can get it to play the odd numbered songs aswell?? Ive tried several diffrent usb devices and the issue still exists.

  • Satellite tuner kit

    Where do I get the Satellite tuner kit to convert this to a Satellite Radio as advertised.


    my front speakers, tweeters and subs work, but my back speakers dont play any music. i have the rca wires for the amp in the middle of the six imputs, and my wire harness had four imputs to connect for the speakers, and the front SPEAKERS work where they are plugged in, and the back work where the subs are plugged in, but then the subs wont work if i put them in the last two imputs spots, but the back speakers will, and vice versa. and also, when i tought the cable to the imput spot the back speakers do tweet so idk whats up. pleeeeeassse help if you can