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  • how to set the clock

  • No volume

    My DUAL XD1222 AM/FM receiver will not play sound on radio or cd. Whats wrong

  • Radio wont play sound

    my DUAL XD1222 Stereo wont play sound for radio stations? It will play CD's and it brings up the radio stations but only the CD will play sound but once i have it on a radio station i have no sound. It was working just fine yesterday and today

  • Installed- Will take in a CD but no display or sound. ???

    It takes in a CD and ejects it so it has power. But has no display or sound. It is in a 2004 chevy Avalanche. Any thoughts.

  • is this compatible with a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse?

  • Write your question about Dual XD1222 here running very hot

    the back of the radio just to the side of the antenna port it is extremely hot cannot touch it. ( only noticed this because I tried it out of the dash first to make sure it worked properly.)replacement unit is the same. I was wondering how safe it was to run that hot

  • Won't play MP3 CD's

    When I try to play a CD with MP3-formatted music, the player shows ERR-2 (Hardware error) then entire unit loses all audio (lights stay on but no radio or CD audio) until power is removed and radio is completely reset.

  • searching for a channel

    Has anyone had a problem with this unit searching for a radio station. I installed a new antenna and the unit worked great for about two weeks and now it is searching for a channel again. Any thoughts?

  • ipod compadibility

    can you play an ipod off the usb imput?