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Question: Speaker compatability with Alpine MRP-F300

Hi Guys,

I have just purchased a 2011 Mazda 2 Hatch as a runaround work vehicle.

But like my main vehicle I still appreciate some level of audio clarity. Unfortunately the Mazda 2 has shallow door cavities, so speaker selection is based on this and retaining the stock look to the vehicle.

My search for components have lead me to:

Front: Alpine SPS-600C (Component)
Rear: Alpine SPS-600 (Coaxial)
Sub: Alpine SWE-1500 (powered compact)

I will be running off the stock 50W head unit and have purchased a 24pin aftermarket connector to eliminate the cutting of the orginal audio harness.

My first question is ... which of the following amps would be suitable the run the above components:

Alpine MRP-F300
Alpine MRP-F600

The second question would be how do I connect the above sub into the system ?

Melbourne, Australia