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  • stopped working possible battery corrision??

    i have had this flash about a year. It just stopped working all together. It looks likes my batteries corroded and maybe the damage came from that... any suggestions??

  • sigma ef-530 DG super HSS with YUONHUO radio wireless?

    I have a Sony A100 and a Canon Rebel, I would like to purchase this flash with the canon hotshoe and use it in the sony camera with a hotshoe adapter, will it work? or I will lose some of the functions? (with a hotshoe seagull adapter for example)
    I am also using the radio wireless transmitters (Yuonhuo?) with vivitar 285HV flashes. Can I use the Sigma flash in High Speed Sync with my wireless transmitter? or will only work at high speed if I use it as a slave?
    Thanks in advance for the answer,
    (I am looking for the best flash option to make High speed sync affordable)

  • canon 7D & sigma flash

    I use sigma EF 530 DG super for my canon 400D & 450D at no problem, but when use at my new Canon 7D the flash doesn't fire the very first shot from idle mode of both camera & flash, but on the second and succeeding shots its ok, is there any adjustment or setting needs to be set?

  • ef 530 super as modeling light

    how to use Sigma EF 530 DG Super as modeling light