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Question: Bug in HP50G

Just bought HP 50G after 15 years with 48GX. I found a serious bug in 50's firmware.
Sometimes variables is coerced to contain a point at the end of it. Like this: a variable 'C1' is
coerced to 'C1.'. Also sometimes I've seen a coercing to 'C-1'.
Setting the Exact-flag on or off
doesn't alter this. Whereas the
coersing to C-1 seems can be corrected setting off the Complex-flag. I wonder why nothing info can be found about this bug. A variable C1 coerced to C1. cannot be called. When trying a call 'C1.' RCL you get an error. -Not supprising!. I also have an other error when running some of the programs running fine on 48GX. Running the
IFERR-clause, 50G sometimes blanks the stack.
I wonder if someone had these bugs. The firmware in mine was the latest # 2.15
I delivered back this calculator to the seller.