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  • Tabletop MP3 player, radio form factor

    I'm looking for a tabletop mp3 player with USB/SD input that remembers position, and allows intra-track search. I've had several cheap in-car systems that do this, but it seems almost impossible to find one that does in my home. It should sufficient LCD display to show track number, name etc. I want to have one button pause/play toggle that iis easy to locate and not require tiny fingers.

    Most of my listening is to podcasts (e.g. in kitchen while cooking/cleaning) but my current device loses position whenever power is lost (batteries don't cut in).

    I've looked at products by Roberts, Sangean, Pure, Denver and others but AFAICT none supply all these basics or there is insufficient information on their products to determine this.

    Some devices seem to have further limitations such as <2GB media, <128kps files

    If I am going to have anything bundled with it I want wifi radio rather than DAB.