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  • How well does this stroller work

    Is this stroller the same as the Alpha sport?
    I need to know how well this stroller works in the winter time. I also need to know how well it works when going on hikes. I need to make sure this stroller is easy to use and will work well in any conditions.

  • Wheels/Shock absorb

    I'm a little concerned about the hard plastic wheels since I've heard many complaints about them on other strollers. Does the front shock really absorb enough for a smooth ride in the park, on trails, or old sidewalks?

  • Recline

    How far back does the stroller seat recline? Can a baby typically sleep in the most flat position or is that unlikely?

  • Cupholders

    One review mentioned that the cupholders are small; does this mean too small for a coffee cup or too small for a big gulp or something?