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  • Does the recline almost flat position confortable enogh?

    Does the recline almost flat postion confortable enough for newborns?

  • Peg perego Pliko P3

    I think I love this stroller but I have concerns and theirs nothing better than to hear feedbacks from experience parents, Im a first time mom and I want to now for example if my newborn wants to take a nap is the stroller by it self without the carseat a safe, confortable place for her to rest? For how long im going to be able to use the carseat (age wise), is the stoller an easy to use one after the baby is done with the carseat?!?!?!

  • used pliko p3 car seat and stroller

    i got a used pliko p3 from september 2006, i have two years left but will need it for my second child and the seat will be expired, will the new seats click into the old sept 2006 model stroller?