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Question: Canada vs the USA Graco Nautilus 3-in-1/ multistage

does anyone know if there is a difference between the graco nautilus 3 in 1 sold in canada and in the usa? Ive checked them out and they have the same model number, instruction booklet is exactly the same minus a few words (UAS instead of latch and some telephone numbers). Ive compared the seats in the usa to the ones in canada and they are exactly the same. Why can't we use one purchased in the united states in canada?

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    Basically, they are the same from a consumer's perspective. However, there are "slight" differences such as the product weight and height/length. These vary ever so slightly, but just enough to be different. USA and CA also have different safety regulations. Legally, a Canadian resident is to purchase a car seat from a Canadian store. You will find the Canadian green/white approval sticker on the car seat and/or base.

    The law is the reason why you can't purchase one in the US and use in Canada. Believe me, I've check it out. I'm an American citizen residing in Canada and was surprised to find out that I can't purchase a car seat (which looks EXACTLY the same as ones in Canadian stores, and COSTS A LOT MORE) in the US.

    So you'll pay a little more and have less selection, oh well, it sucks. However, look at the bright side. This is the ONLY purchase you'll HAVE to make in Canada. Cribs/furniture/clothes/toys/diapers/strollers/etc can be purchased in the US.

    What to do? Check out Sears.ca and Babiesrus.ca for a model you like. Watch the prices and buy it on sale! :) I'm looking at the Graco Nautilus Mariposa at Sears.ca. It's currently $239 (it's $259 at Babiesrus.ca). I don't need it until next Spring, so I'm just waiting for it to go on sale.

    And remember, the US gets better pricing because they sell more of the product. It's 330 million consumers (US) vs 33 million consumers (CA).

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