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  • denon m37 led display problem

    my display stopped working after the warranty expired. very difficult changing settings, tuning radio, etc. called local authorized repair (pinnacle in danvers mass) and they didn't even recognize the model. any siggestions?

  • denon m37

    the display for my unit stopped working. a little difficult changing settings, tuning radio, etc. the warranty has expired. any suggestions?

  • Denon m37 and tuning

    I am trying to tune my stereo on FM to 97.0 but when you auto tune or manually tune it goes up in steps of 0.2 ie 89.9 to 90.1. Is there a way to get it to 97.0.

  • denon m37 and ipod docking problems

    I have bought the pure i-10 docking station for the denon m-37 but only get mono playback. Any helpful tips or should i return the pure for the denon model