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Question: I have the RX-V992 and THE Optical Digital input is not working

I have hook up my Intel 1.5Ghz Core Solo Mac mini to my Yamaha RX-V992 via Optical Digital. On the Mac side of the Optical cable I have a tosh link connector connected to it and the Mac OS sound control panel dose see that the Optical cable is plunged in. On the RX-V992 side the cable goes strate in to the Optical Digital input but I here no sound.

I have set DVD/LD to auto & not Analog. So I took my Mac Mini to my local Apple store and they say the Optical Digital out put on my Mac Mini is working just fine. They hook it up to 2 Receivers with Optical Digital inputs and to a set of speakers with Optical Digital input and all 3 was able to detect and work with the Optical signal.

I do not know what to next.

PS the coaxial PCM/DD Digital in
(AC-3) dose work