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  • I bought the yamaha rx-v863 in january of 2010 from bestbuy.

    After about a month, it started shutting off while we were watching tv. I went through the manual and trouble shot it, but nothing worked. I tried taking it back to best buy, but I used cash and lost my reciept. Yamaha told me without a reciept, they can't honor their 2 year warranty. I had a comp. tech look at it, and they said it had a defective board, and would cost $600 to repair. I paid $500 for it brand new. Do I have any other options, or am I screwed?! Thanks

  • Running laptop through yamaha RX-V863 to TV via HDMI

    What I have to do to play a Blu-Ray disc on my laptop Acer 8920G via HDMI through my yamaha RX-V863 to TV via HDMI?
    I can transmit the desktop, but it appears "too big" on the TV and when a Blu Ray movie begins, TV screen goes black and there is no sound. At the same time on my laptop everything is OK - very good picture and sound.OS is Vista Ultimate, Nvida GeForce 9600 driver updated. Any idea which setting I should change?