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  • hdmi without sound

    i have an HDMI output without sound on my computer. I can't figure out how to hook it to the RX-V665 and use the audio outputs on the computer.
    please help

  • Setting up the Yamaha RX-665

    Problems with Setting up TV and DVD. Default TV 'scene' setting to AV1 won't let me see the TV. Even though HDMI/DVI setting is not being used Receiver see it in DVI 'scene' setting. Why? Don't know. Problems with actually setting up the four 'scene' settings. Once configured How do you save them? I hit return and nothing is saved.......All I get is NO TV in 'scene' button with the default at AV1. How Do I change the default?

  • Blu-Ray has no picture

    I just hooked up my new RX-V665, cable box is connected withHDMI cable works great, new Blu-Ray payer has sound but no picture (HDMI cable). When I connect the Blu-Ray directly to the TV it works fine.....??????? I even switched the HDMI cables on the unit to test the HDMI ports cable works on all Blu-Ray on none.