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Question: Broadcast -vs- commercial volume control?!!!

I'm so annoyed by the sound escalation/difference between normal broadcast and commercials. Very happy with my new Yamaha RX-V65 except . . . when I looked into the manual about controlling sound variance due to this issue it appears (if I'm accurate)that I can't use the feature the amp provides for UNLESS I run sound through my SONY XBR 9000 TV speakers as well. The TV has the auto sound leveling feature but it only works with its internal speakers . . . when config selection is external speakers (I have home theatre quality speakers) the OPTION on the TV feature for controlling sound levels can not be selected. SUCKS! Can't figure out why the YAMAHA doesn't just handle it all --- or perhaps I'm wrong thats why I'm seeking your help!!! Thanks in advance if you reply!!

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    I found your question while searching for the exact same thing. You may have found this already but if you go to Yamaha's website (http://www.yamaha.com/yec/products/productdetail.html?CNTID=5028501&CTID=5000400&RLTID=1505&DETYP=RELATION)they have a firmware update that will allow you to run your cable audio through your TV, use your volume leveling on your TV, run your video directly through your receiver and then have your receiver use audio from one input and video from another input to watch cable. I was ecstatic when I found this because 1) I hate the loud commercials and 2) my husband told me that it would not work with this receiver and our other components. This is the one thing about our new setup that I knew that he didn't. :) Good luck!

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