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Question: im very very very happy with this reciever

i'm very happy with this reciever very powerful bru ray cabible looks great on my tv stand with my 32'' samsung lcd tv,dvr and my close to full klipsch iocn surround system and this reciever pushes these icon speakers beautifully and darn close match to the min to my speakers 100 reciever 105 per ch oh boy i can say this this recievers will push my future klipsch icon towers vf-36 (150min-600peak per speaker) (currently have vf-35 towers 100min-400peak per speaker/vc-25 center 100min-300peak) also about push is a RW-12d Subwoofer (350w cont-825wpeak)

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    i highly recommend this to anybody who is serious about sound like iam

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