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Question: Yamaha RX-V463 remote operation

Yamaha RX-V463
5.1 EMP speakers
Yamaha YST-FSW sub woofer

(Please be advised this is my first home theater system and the first reviever i have ever owned.)

I have owned this for over a year now. I set it up to play PS3, WII, and Antenna TV.

Setting this up was a real pain.

Unfortunatly i sat on the remote (and apparently some settings were changed)and for some reason the Antenna TV no longer plays through the recievers' speakers (EMP 5.1 -5 speaker system and a Yamaha sub woofer).

I do not know how to reset the system (i.e set "TV Viewing", "5 speakers channel", "A/B").

Also, I was never able to figure how to use the remote control feature for TV display. (the instruction manual is whoefully inadequate in my opinion).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is some technical problems. It is better to have a technician over and have them check your Yamaha.

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