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  • how do i connect this receiver to Rhapsody? I have an account .

  • Windows 7 and WMP12 play to?

    This unit worked fine on the network when I was running vista and wmp 11, but after moving up to 7 with wmp 12, the Yamaha Receiver doesn't show up on my network.

  • HDMI

    I understand the HDMI standard is about to move up to 1.4a. My question is, will this make a difference in a receiver such as the V3900 that advertises HDMI 1.3?

  • Will the Rx-V3900 also Play Movies and Pictures from a NAS

    There is a lot of mention around this receiver playing music from the internet or stored on a home network drive but will it play video (movies) and pictures from the internet and a network drive? If it will play videos at what resolution 1080P?