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  • Can I alter HDMI OUT audio?

    If wanted, am I able to allow my audio signal to travel with my video in the primary HDMI OUT signal? (My HDMI signal leaving the receiver is going through a splitter to a TV in another room, however my tests found that the receiver is eliminating all volume in the HDMI OUT, and I do not know where to alter, or if it is possible.)

  • How do I get digital signals to Zone 2?

    Is there any way to get digital music (such as from the iPod doc) to route to Zone 2? It seems that my system is configured only to support analog inputs into zone 2. Thanks.

  • No ps3 image via rx-v3800b to optoma 7100 projector

    Any suggestion please?
    I am trying to get an image through my my rxv 3800 from my ps3 to an optoma 7100 projector. The ps3 has only hdmi out and the projector does not support hdmi. The projector has component in, svideo in, and dvi in. Initialy, I tried hdmi to receiver and component to projector and tried the different manual settings for video in the receivers setup menu which did display through projector -no image other than receiver menus. I then tried hdmi to receiver and hdmi to projector with dvi connector -no image. Under the troubleshooting in the yamaha user manual it appears that this receiver may need the same output connection as input connection but this seems a strange notation for an upscaling AV receiver and I would have thought the dvi m/f connector with hdmi cable would suffice as same.

    Suggestions anyone? Thanks dcp