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  • how do i hook my ps3 up with hdmi connections from the ps3 ?

    I can't get my PS3 to play the sound through my Yamaha HTR 6230 receiver. I have to use the speakers on the TV and not the surround sound in my house. The turner goes in the surround sound and the TY goes in the surround sound, but my PS3 does not.

  • Yamaha HTR-6230 Audio Options from Play Station Three

    What options can this receiver handle from the PS3 with an optical cable. I want to know if it can handle all of the options listed from the PS3. If there are any that it can't handle, I would like to which ones.

  • HTR-6230 front video aux jacks

    How do I get video through the front video aux jacks to work with my PS2. I can get sound but no video

  • Receiver is not turning on!

    The receiver is not turning on!!!
    Brand new, just arrived from US (i´m in Brazil with no way to turn it back), the ac pwr is correct, 127VAC/60Hz, when pressed the Standby/ON button i can hear a relay closing and opening, measured the input on the transformer, relay is not holding closed, the AC show up when realay closes and disappear when it opens, any guess? Electrical Drawings or authorized services/warranties on Brazil would be appreciated.

  • how do i calibrate my a/V Receivers Yamaha HTR-6230

    how do i calibrate my a/V Receivers Yamaha HTR-6230