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  • how do i play my ipod thru my sony str dh-800

  • does this reciever have a sub woofer preout?

    I have a set of 5 yamaha home theatre speakers and a power sub, and i wonder if i buy this reciever, i cannot connect the sub that i already have.

  • Video delay switching from analog tv channel and HD channel

    My Sony STR DH800 has a 15 to 20 second video delay when switching between analog TV channel and High Definition TV channel

  • Video delay switching between analog tv channel & HD channel

    my Sony STR DH800 stereo receiver has a 15 to 20 second delay when switching between analog cable TV channel and HD cable TV channel

  • Anyone want to help suggest best hook up options for STR-DH800?

    Thanks in advance. I have a new Sony STR-DH800 receiver that I would like to get the most out of with these components. Any suggestions on how to hook up each one?

    - Sony KDF50E2000 LCD - it has 2 RCA, 2 Component, 2 HDMI Inputs and 1 optical output

    - AT&T Uverse box with an HDMI, Component, and RCA outputs

    - Sharp BDHP16 BluRay

    - Wii with component or RCA outputs...can't remember

    - PS2 with component or RCS outputs and an Optical Out

    - CD player....it is old so I know it is probably just using RCA most likely and obvious hook up.

    So what is the best way to hook these up to each other and use the receiver for its maximum function? I was thinking:

    - AT&T to Receiver via HDMI
    - Receiver to TV via HDMI (but will I have sound from AT&T at the TV if the receiver is off....passthrough?)
    - Blue Ray to Receiver via HDMI
    - Wii - can you send it to receiver through components/rca or does it have to go directly to TV? How can I get sound into the receiver then...or can you?
    - PS2 - can you send it to receiver through components/rca or does it have to go directly to TV? If it goes to TV then I can use the optical out on the PS2 to get sound to receiver right?
    - does using the optical out from the TV back to the receiver help with any of this?

    Thanks for your help!