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Question: Sony str-dg720 picture but no audio with hdmi

I have a Sony str-dg720 receiver which gives me picture but no sound from the receiver/speakers when connected with hdmi from the cable box to the SAT input. The DVD works fine with the hdmi connection in and then out to the tv- get picture and audio from the speakers. I've tried it with two different tv/cable box combinations and have the same problem. Any ideas? the reveiver manual wasn't much help.

  • Re: Sony str-dg720 picture but no audio with hdmi

    I have the same problem. However my SAT/Catv HDMI input terminal was working fine until I turned it on one day. Im hoping it has somsething to with the special audio program (SAP)adjustment. But have not been able to locate the adjustment for the system. I found it easier just to switch to the video 1 HDMI input. I will be contacting Sony soon to see if they have a fix or a defective product. But if there is a simple fx I sure would like to here about it.

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