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  • Sony str-dg720 picture but no audio with hdmi

    I have a Sony str-dg720 receiver which gives me picture but no sound from the receiver/speakers when connected with hdmi from the cable box to the SAT input. The DVD works fine with the hdmi connection in and then out to the tv- get picture and audio from the speakers. I've tried it with two different tv/cable box combinations and have the same problem. Any ideas? the reveiver manual wasn't much help.

  • STR-DG720 upconverting??

    I am new to this receiver. Can it upconvert the component and/or composite inputs to output to the HDMI. If so i can't seem to make it work. Trying to keep the cables to the TV at a minimum.

  • display panel lights dim when bass hits


  • analog output during a dvd

    will this receiver output to a wireless headphone (rca jacks) while playing a dvd. i have a blue ray and a deaf wife.

  • Sony Receiver STR-DG720

    Can I connect an equalizer to this receiver? If so, how?