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Question: How to connect a Blu Ray?

Unless I totally missed the boat on this receiver, I can't believe the lame setup surrounding the Blu-Ray Player. There is no way to connect a blu ray player via HDMI only and have the input assigned to the Blu Ray Button on the remote. Totally lame. If you set it up using the blu ray button, then it cannot pick up audio via HDMI and requires another set of cables.

Also, the Cat5 is only halfway usefull as it only transmits the video, and no audio. I actually, puchased a set of real HDMI balins that transmit both HDMI video and audio but I have to connect it yo HDMI output B, which means I cant assign it to zone 2. very frustrating ansd sloppy design! I would not recommend this receiver to anyone until they smooth out the edges.