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Question: RSX-1560 remote suddenly doesn't work.

I own the Rotel RSX-1560; it's worked fine for a year. Today the remote will not power the receiver on/off and cannot start the menu system for configuration. The remote will switch the receiver between video 1 and video 3 setups.

Need suggestions on where the problem might be.

  • Re: RSX-1560 remote suddenly doesn't work.

    Through a fortuitous email thread, I learned how to solve this puzzle. The Rotel remote will operate several devices, the receiver, a DVD, etc. So one must tell the remote WHICH DEVICE you want to operate; for the receiver, that means first pushing the AUD button (for Audio I assume.) After that, the MENU button puts up the config screen, the power buttons work, etc. I've had this system for a year but mostly use the Cable BOX universal remote and, obviously, forgot the Rotel remote details.

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