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  • Onkyo TX-NR509 or Denon AVR-1612 ???

    Please help me:

    I already have 5.1 Boston Accoustics speakers, a PS3, HD cable box and 1080P TV, iPod, and now looking for my first ever receiver.
    It will be used for everything, from music to movies.

    For the same price here in Canada, Im trying to choose between Onkyo TX-NR509 and Denon AVR-1612.

    Thanks very much for your help!


  • which one would you buy of these two Denon AVR-1611 7.1 or Pion

    Which AV receiver would you buy of these two; Denon AVR-1611 7.1 or Pioneer VSX-1020-K 7.1


  • A/V receiver with USB connection capable for VIDEO streaming

    Hi people,
    is there any A/V receiver with USB port capable for video streaming?
    Lots of A/V receivers have USB port for music (audio streaming), but unfortunately I didn't found any with video possibilities (i.e. divx...)
    Thanks a lot,
    best regards,

  • see below

    I have a vintage set of Altec Lansing Voice of the Theater (A7) speakers and center cabinet. I want to connect a monitor (plasma), turntable, DVD/VCR, cable TV input,and the speakers (stereo only)and be able to put the unit in the cabinet (no line of sight) and control everything with one remote. What would you recommend to solve this puzzle? Thanks

  • Need a receiver for a Paramax P-7 speaker system

    I recently got a Paramax P-7 speaker system for a very low price but found out my old stero will not work with it and need to get a new receiver. I know nothing about current receivers and wondered if someone could suggest a low price but decent receiver that will work with this system. I would only be using HD TV and DVD and CD player on the receiver. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Micro receiver with HDMI audio&video switching and AM/FM tuner

    Hello. I am looking for a receiver that is very small or at least shallow (to fit on my wall-mounted shelf) that can serve as a central pass-through point for all of my devices. I would also like AM/FM tuner. CD/DVD would be OK but not required. Sound quality just has to be good, not great. I'm not an audiophile. Power output doesn't have to be great 50w per speaker is OK, but 100 is OK too.

  • what to buy

    am looking for receiver to use for dvds need something that is vocally crisp and clear it's for a second room any suggestions on the type of receiver and speakers i should be looking at as it is a secondary system do not want to spend too much

  • Pioneer Elite SC-27

    I was told that Pioneer Receiver Elite SC-27 is 3D ready HDMI 1.3 ?

    Can someone tells me if this is true.


  • Re: Pioneer Receiver 3D VSX 9140 TXH

    Any rating for Pioneer 3D receiver VSX 9140 TXH


  • I am a 56 year old boomer. I HATE my Denon system. It is WAY t

    I am a 56 year old boomer. I HATE my Denon system. It is WAY too complicated. Can anyone please recommend an easy to use home stereo system? All my DVD's are non HD (and I don't want to but HD or Blu-Ray).

  • Replacing Yamaha RX-V992, any suggestions?

    Need to replace this RX-V992 with something newer, mainly because I need HDMI support. I'm trying to stay below $500. If this helps, I'm using Klipsch KLF 10 for mains, Klipsch ksf C5 for center and some small kipsch surrounds. Unit still works great, literally used every day since 1998 with no problems. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • When I play a DVD source connected to my Denon AVR 1802, it cont

  • what is the best of this A/Vs

    1) Onkyo TX-NR3007or 2)Denon AVR-4308 or 3) Pioneer VSX-LX70

  • New HDTV-A/V hook up

    Simple question (I think). I just got a new Toshiba 46xv645u HDTV and it has a lot of conections on it including optical audio out. I have an old Kenwood analog A/V reciever that I'm going to replace. Is it practical to hook everything (blu ray, VCR, Cable box) up to the TV and run a optical out cable from the Toshiba to a new digital A/V reciever and use the TV to change the inputs? The bluray and the cable box would be hooked up via HDMI and the VCR will be used only for playback, if at all. It sure seems like it would save a lot of ins and outs to the reciever and maybe save a few bucks on a new reciever as well. The question is will it work or will I loose some sound capabilties hooking it up this way? Thanks for any help.

  • Seeking AVR recommendation

    I am replacing a Sony AVR with either Pioneer VSX 919AH or 1019 or Sony STR DH800 or DN1000 models. Any recommendations? Have a 5.1 setup, Bose Acoustimas 10 and have Sony HD TV XBR 4, and other Sony/Pioneer components. Want ease of use, great sound, etc.

  • Rotel RSX-1560 or Onkyo TX-NR5007

    I am looking to purchase either the Rotel or the Onkyo. Looking for some advise on which way to go. Both are priced fairly close to each other although The Onkyo is a 9.2 versus The Rotel a 7.1 Any thoughts would help.

  • A/V Receiver With The Right Components

    I am looking for a A/V receiver that has at least 4 HDMI inputs, optical and HDMI out, HDMI 1080p pass-through as well as up conversion from analog components to at least 1080i and one that supports THX Processing, Dolby Pro Logic IIx – with Cinema, Music, Game Modes, THX Post-Processing – DPL (4.0), DPL2 Cinema, DD/DTS (5.1), Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit - Digital HD, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+, dts-HD Master Audio, and has a LAN Terminal RJ-45 Network Connection.
    Any ideas on what systems that might fit this criteria?

  • AV receivers

    I am purchasing a receiver for a my sister. She does not and will not have surround sound capability. She will use the recevier with a HD LCD TV; Wii; CD and DVD player. She would like to use her IPod to play music and may upgrade to a Blue ray DVD. I want the system to have good sound quality, easy to use and want to avoid paying for features she does not need. Suggestions?

  • A/V Receiver for all 3, Xbox, Playstation III, and Blue Ray DVD?

    I have a samsung Blue ray player, XBox and a Playstation III. I can't find a good A/V Receiver that will accecpt all three for High Def. and sourround sound.
    Is there a good receiver that'll work on all three?


    Please let me know what do you think. My warranty work declined because, simply they are saying it shipped to Company address so no way to tell if its used commercially or not. Based on their policy she said which is, "Products used continuously or for commercial applications are not covered with long term warranty. Onkyo products are intended for consumer use and are not designed for continuous or commercial use. In the event that the products concerned have been used commercially or continuously, the warranty period is limited to 90 days from the date of purchase. " I could not proved that It was in my home for personal use and not in my shop. Since its shipped to my shop, they considered commercial use. Its just another trick from onkyo to not to fix my $700 receiver that got broke in 6th months. Seems like, Onkyo products are not designed for continuous use and they are not commercial grade. A sales person did not warn me about these limitations of this brand. Also If it’s been shipped to company name, it could be considered to used commercially and could not be honored warranty after 90 days ???? I think consumers should be aware of that. What do you think?