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  • How does this compare to the Denon AVR 2311? Seem to be on par.

    How does this compare to the Denon AVR 2311? Seem to be on par. Denon better sound??? Pioneer better video??? Recommendations?

  • Picture Delay

    I notice a significant delay in the picture being sent to my TV when changing stations. Sound comes through pretty quickly but the picture is delayed about 5 seconds. I sometimes get a Weak Signal message (I notice this most when changing between HD and Digital - Cox cable). Once the picture is there, it looks great. Is this part of the "upconversion"? Is this common? I run HDMI from BD and DVR to 1120 and HDMI out to TV (Samsung LCD). I also have a Wii comming in on the DVD inputs and out through HDMI.

  • wireless access for Pioneer VSX-1120

    can you plug a USB wireless card in to the ethernet jack on the back or are you required to plug in a cat5 cable and connect to a router? My issue is that my wireless router is on the other side of the room and I don't want to run a 50 ft cable to it....thx

  • abt PC CONTROL

    hai i bought pioneer vsx 1120 k for the term PC CONTROL actually what it means.i thought we can use the receiver by means of our pc.pls any one help me whats the real use pf PC CONTROL how can we work it out

  • Pioneer 1120

    Does the vsx 1120 have audio return channel? i noticed the 1020 model does not. This is a huge thing for me since I want minimum cables as possible. Please advise.

  • Pioneer VSX-1120-K AV Receiver

    A Pioneer website has the VSX-1120-K listed however it says that it is unavailable at this time and will be availabe in June or July.

    How can Ebay and Amazon have the 1120 for sale if pioneer has not released the unit for sale?

    I wish to purchase a VSX-1120-K and will do it today if I know for sure these sights are really selling the vsx-1120-K