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  • Need Help with Wiring and Setup!!!

    I am having a BEAR of a time adjusting the 1020 to sound any good with my Bose system. All I get is Tinny - no Base sound.... Driving me crazy!

  • Will it work 'well' with an older CRT TV . . . .

    I have an eight year-old SONY TV still has some life in it. I am pretty sure that it doesn't have HDMI hookups in the back and I will have to deal with a mess of old cables. Will I get a significant improvement in video if I am using the cables? Regarding that, is there a fix so I could use HDMI?
    Thanks in advance . . .chats72

  • how the quality of sound Sony STR-DN 1010 and Pioneer VSX-1020

  • Pioneer vsx-1020 stereo ouput to another amp?

    I have a Pioneer vsx-1020 amp that I run 7.1 for my home theater setup. I would like to rig a stereo output feed from this amp to input into my whole house sound amp. I can't seem to find a way to do this without settup up another zone on the 1020 which would require that it be run as 5.1... Any ideas on this?